Doesn’t sound so bad, huh? Well, it kinda sucks when you’re stuck at Heathrow. We had some trouble with British Airways and all the passengers who had Oslo as their final destination missed their flight from London to Oslo. I was SO angry, you should’ve seen my face. I have plans for tonight with my friends and I’ve been looking forward to tonight for more than a week, and now I have to cancel the whole thing. Great! And even better, there were no other flights to Oslo today. No free seats anywhere. Yesterday was so great, something bad was destined to happen today. Our only option is to get on a flight to Bergen in a couple of hours and then catch the next flight from Bergen to Oslo tonight.

I did meet Tommy from X-Factor at the airport, though. You know, that cute guy with the guitar? I think he was on the same plane as I was from Miami to London, so he also missed his flight. This is just a great day, isn’t it?