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Arkiv for august 2011

Credit: VanillaScented.

To find Acne Canada in the color Wine Tasting. Aparently it’s sold out everywhere, but I won’t give up! :-D

Acne Rita

I’m super tired from work (actually just from the lack of sleep), but how am I supposed to get any sleep when I know that my Acne jacket is on it’s way as we speak!? The UPS Tracking Information thingy says «Out for delivery» and it left Oslo around 6:30, so it’s probably only a few hours away. SO EXCITED! I swear, every time I hear a car outside I’m like «YAY, it’s the UPS guy!», but nah. Maybe I should try to get some sleep and when I wake up, hopefully the package will be here. My mom has no idea that I’ve ordered anything, though. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled!.. He-he.

Top H&M jacket Cotton On shorts Levi’s.

In about ten minutes my aunt, uncle and grandparents will arrive to surprise my parents. I’ve been planning this for a while. We will surprise them with a cake (hiding in my neighbor’s refrigerator, haha), the picture that I painted a couple of weeks ago and a dinner at a fancy restaurant (Brasserie 88). Hopefully they will be really surprised and happy :-D Can’t wait! Seriously, they have NO idea that I’ve been planning this, hihi. I’ll show you my outfit later!

This picture is from the day we drove out to Tybee Island. So beautiful! That was such a perfect day.

I finally finished my «dream» wall! What do you think? :-D

Man, I would love to live in a house like this. This is kinda what my dream home looks like. And this, my dear readers, is the house of Malene Birger. Amazing, huh? Seems like my blog is turning into an interior design blog, but I guess it just hit me that I’m moving out in about a year (SO EXCITED!!) and I’m really looking forward to decorating my own space and all that. Wow, I’m really growing up..

Acne Rita

I’ve been bad. But I mean, I had to.. Right?

Ah, I just love this bag! I found it here.