Look at this cute set I got yesterday :D Letters spelling «dream» to hang on the wall! I got it at the Sia store at Nordby for only 139,-! I’ve been looking for the perfect letters (haha) for a while now. See, in June I got a new bed which meant I had to rearrange my room, and now I’m left with a wall that just looks so.. empty. Can’t wait to put them up! I also want to put up a string or whatever and hang pictures on it. I got these cute little clips on eBay with hearts on them and everything. I have TWO DAYS OFF this week so I’ll try to get it done then :D And don’t worry, I’ll take pictures of the result.

Oh, and by the way. 91 unique visitors on my blog today?! I was so excited to see that :D I dear you all to follow me on Bloglovin, haha!