Remember when I told you that I was going to New York City in February with Gateway College to study fashion management? Change of plans! You’re probably thinking «What? You’re not going?». Of course I am, but my roomie Synne and I have decided that we wanted to get the most of this trip. That’s why we decided to not go to NY with Gateway College, but all by ourselves! I know – CRAZY! That means no homework, no long days spent in a classroom, no tuition to pay :-) On the other side I won’t get the credit points I would get if I went to school, but I just really don’t want to spend almost every day at school. This is the one time in my life when I get to do something really really FUN and something just for me (okay, now it sounds like my life will be over once I get back from New York, haha). But I mean, next fall I’ll probably start school and who knows if I’ll ever get the chance to do this again, right? I want to get the most of my time there and do whatever I want!

We’re both very excited and right now we’re looking around for an apartment. Turns out it’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well :-D This trip is all I think about these days. When I’m sick of working I just think «Karoline, get your act together, in 8 months you’ll be in NY with a Balenciaga City on your arm – you have nothing to complain about!». Oh yeah, and since we’re planning this trip ourselves we can only stay in NY for 3 months so we will be visiting from April ’til the end of June :-D The best time of year. I seriously can’t wait!

Aww, I miss New York. These pictures were taken last year when I visited the city with my parents.

The view from our room <3

Oh, one more thing. Just wanted to tell you about the blog a very good friend of mine, Cecilie, just started – :-D We’ve been friends for a long time and we actually «met» online when she was asking for my help with a website she was making about Mary-Kate and Ashley. We’re both HUGE Mary-Kate and Ashley fans and have been for years. Anyway, please visit her blog and leave a comment. She’s just bought an apartment with her boyfriend Andreas – really exciting :-D Read all about is here!