I just love this picture of my parents in front of the Eiffel Tower. My brother is an amazing photographer, huh? The plan was to use their wedding photo, but turns out my dad keeps it in a bullet proof frame or something, haha. There was no way I could get it out of the frame to scan it so I asked my brother for some help and he sent me this.

I bought everything I needed at Søstrene Greene at Nordby; a canvas, watercolor paint, silver glitter, silver Acrylic paint, a paint brush set and canvas coat (I got the canvas coat at Panduro). The canvas coat was used at sort of a glue for the picture and I had a lot of trouble applying it. For a second I thought I had ruined the whole painting! Thank God it turned out just fine, except that some  of the color from the black and white photo smudged onto the blue background.. Oh well. Over all I’m pretty happy with the result and I really hope my parent will like it :-) What do you think?