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Arkiv for august 2011

Top BikBok jeans Levi’s cardigan H&M watch Marc by Marc Jacobs

Was in Sweden yesterday with my parents and did some shopping, like this top & cardigan. I got the cardigan in a grey-ish color too. Love it! And so comfy too. But gotta run! Some people actually work on Sundays. Who knew?

1. Balenciaga City

2. Miu Miu bow satchel (I want it in light grey).

3. Mulberry Brynmore

Yes, only bags. Anyway, these are definitely my top 3! I plan to buy a lot of pretty things next year <3 I feel like I only blog about which bags I want now a days. I’m just really busy, but I’ll get better, I promise!

This jacket is so AWESOME! You can buy it here. I’m really happy because yesterday was payday, wohoo! Too bad I can’t spend a dime because I’m saving up for my NY trip. I will be worth it, though. The only people I’m spending money on this month are my parents. I know, am I the best kid ever or what? They had their 25th wedding anniversary in April and I still haven’t managed to get them a gift (I was living on a very tight budget, okay?), but now I have an idea for the perfect gift. Hopefully they don’t know about my blog..

This week was supposed to be my last week of work and I’ve been looking forward to this moment for.. four weeks now. But guess what? Now I have to work another week! Luckily I managed to get a couple of days of on Wednesday and Thursday next week. Can’t wait! I feel like I’m at work so much I should just move in. Seriously, I work five days a week plus extra shifts on Friday nights. Anyway, enough about work. The money will definitely come in handy in New York, that’s for sure. I’m thinking about showing you my shopping list soon. Maybe tomorrow :-)

Today it’s 506 days since I got the email from Barney’s in Beverly Hills, or more specifically Mr. Ronny Diaz, saying that they will gladly hold the bag for me ’til I get there. It was March and I was sitting in class not paying attention at all when I got it. «If you are going to LA, then I will gladly hold the bag for you. Just let me know!». I had been sending emails to Barneys in both NY and LA trying to hunt down an Alexander Wang Rocco in black leather with brass hardware. It was selling out so fast online, but I had decided that THAT was going to be my first designer bag. You can imagine the look on my teacher’s face when I practically jumped in my chair because I was so excited. I mean, it was March which meant they were holding the bag for me for three months, a bag that was sold out online!  Now that’s what I call good customer service!

The fact that it was sold out everywhere wasn’t the only thing keeping me from buying the bag. Haha, you have no idea how many arguments I had with my parents about it. They were FREAKING out about me spending so much money on a bag, but when I set my mind on something, there’s really nothing they can do. So eventually my mom just said «Fine.. spend your money however you want!», trying to make me feel guilty. Little did she know that I had already asked Mr. Diaz to hold the bag for me, haha. So I just said «I will. And I already asked Barney’s to hold it for me». I’m such a bad ass :] Eeeh. And in case your wondering – it was my money. I worked hard and saved up a lot of money before this trip so that I could buy whatever I wanted. After a while my dad got used to the thought too, and one day he said «Karoline, I saw a picture of that bag you are going to buy online. It’s kinda cool!». Yeah, COOL. He actually used that word. Haha.

So we arrived in LA on June 28th I think, and the day after we went to Barney’s in Beverly Hills. I was SO excited! And I think it’s safe to say that I was shaking when I handed them my card. But really proud too. And Ronny was so nice :-) Not only did he hold the bag for me, but he had also saved one with the shoulder strap so I could try them both on and see which one I liked. I finally decided on the one without the shoulder strap.

To this day it’s still my favorite bag and I wear it all the time. When I first decided that I was going to get a designer bag it was really important to me that the bag was very me, that I could wear it with everything and never get sick of it. So far I’m really happy, even though it’s extremely heavy. When I go out I always have my wallet, cellphone, lip balm and hand cream with me, and then it’s fine, but I do not recommend using this bag for travelling. I usually do because I don’t want to lose it if my suitcase goes missing, but let me tell you, it’s awful. Haha. And every time I go through airport security or whatever it’s called, they think the studs on the bottom are bullets. We always laugh at that, but this year they actually freaked me out a bit. Again, like always, they asked if they could check my bag and I of course said yes. Then I tried to explain to them that they should look at the studs at the bottom because that’s what they saw in the scanner thingy (they always search the inside of my bag instead..), and the guy I was talking to was like «DON’T touch anything!!». Wow.. Anyway, I do love my Rocco, but I have to admit that I have a couple of bags on my shopping list for New York. Hint hint!

Okay, so that was a long blog post about a bag :-)


I can’t wait for this week to be over. I’ve been working night shift this week, and it’s left me with no energy what so ever. I get home from work around 6:30 AM, shower and go to bed around 8 and wake up in time for dinner, feeling just as tired as I did before I went to sleep. And because I’m so tired I don’t feel like doing anything but staying in bed and watching tv/read blogs all day, before I’m of to work again at 9:30 PM. Wohoo, what a life. I seriously don’t understand how some people do it. And tonight I’m even working an extra shift.. It it wasn’t for the fact that I earn a lot of money by working these shifts I would definitely stay home tonight, but I need the money for my NY trip. Especially if I want to buy all the things on my shopping list..

Chanel Classic Flap

Someday.. Someday.

Red Velvet cupcakes are in my opinion the best cupcakes there is, so yesterday I decided to make some. I did it the easy way, though, and bought this cake mix at ICA Maxi. All I had to do was to add butter and water. So easy! Took about 10 minutes to make, and within 30 minutes I ha 12 perfect cupcakes. Call me crazy, but I hate frosting so I didn’t bother making any. They taste really good without the frosting anyways!


Shirt H&M shorts Forever 21 rings Claire’s & BikBok nail polish Chanel Mimosa

My outfit pictures suck these days – Sorry ’bout that.

I bought this necklace at BikBok today for 79,-! Looks just like a necklace they used to sell at fashionology.nl. I always wanted to order it, but never did.

I was looking through pictures my dad took when we were in Paris in April and I found this picture of me. Haha, nice dad. Thanks. It’s weird how he always manages to take horrible pictures of me.