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Arkiv for september 2011

Look what I got in the mail today <3


Er ikke helt meg selv om dagen. Føler meg liksom helt tom og bryr meg ikke om noen ting. Får heller ikke sove, og har sovet kun 7 timer de siste to døgnene. Håper det her går over snart..

A little video from my Florida vacation!

Pictures: Private.

I made a video the other day, but I had no idea how to upload it. Think I finally figured it out, though, so hopefully I’ll be able to post it later today!

Top Acne blazer BikBok shorts H&M shoes Bianco.

On Thursday I went to Oslo to meet up with my roomie-to-be Synne and to attend the Streetstyle magazine launch. So much fun! We left pretty early, though. Anyway, here’s what I wore + a smile. Haha, I look so angry in this picture.

Picture from last summer. Pretty, huh?

When I woke up this morning I felt AWFUL, haha. And oh my God, the headache. I only have myself to blame for that, though. There’s a reason why I don’t drink very often, to put it that way. Anyway, I had fun, even though the night ended kinda weird. To make matters worse, I’m going out tonight as well. Haha. You’re only young once, right? Have a great day everyone! 

Corset Charlotte Russe shirt H&M shorts Papaya shoes Jeffrey Campbell watch MBMJ bracelet Glitter.

Credit: 5 inch and up.

To say hi! Been busy the last couple of days and kind of in a bad mood, but I’m back. I have two days off from work, AMAZING. Today I’m supposed to go to Oslo with Synne, but she’s not feeling well, so I don’t know about that yet. And tomorrow I’m meeting up with some people from work for.. lønningspils. Haha. Oh hey, how lucky are my parents? They’re in Crete right now! Kinda jealous even though I love having the house to myself. I’m just so sick of the bad weather!

Hope everyone’s having a great day!

Canon Powershot G12, Acne Domino jacket, ASOS faux fur vest, Acne Hydra jacket, Apple Macbook Pro 13».

So many temptations.. But seriously, I’ve been dreaming about Acne Hydra for a year now.

I guess it’s fair to say I got a little carried away at H&M the other day. Everything except for the white knit (Gina Tricot), blazer and the navy/maroon knit (BikBok) is from H&M. Usually when I go shopping I try on a bunch of things and find maybe one or two things that I really like, but this time I kinda loved everything, so I thought to myself «Okay, you should buy everything and just get it out of your system (haha, shopaholic?), ’cause then you won’t have to buy any clothes for a looong time«. Yeah, that went well.. I felt so guilty I lied to my dad when I got home and told him the bags looked full only because I bought two huge knit sweaters.. Or four. But I’ve been working a lot lately. I deserve it, right? My favorite items are the blazer, the navy/maroon knit and the brown sweater.

So what do you think? By the way, sorry about the poor picture quality in some of the pictures. The lighting was really bad and well, I’m not really the best photographer either.