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Arkiv for oktober 2011

I’ve finally decided to sell my Foley + Corinna bag. You can find the ad HERE!

Today I tried on my new nailpolish and I love it. I put one coat of this turquoise nailpolish from H&M and then a coat of Across the Universe. I’m really happy with the result :-)

By the way, I wanna tell you about the amazing competition at Polliani.com! All you have to do is put together your favorite Samsøe outfit and the winner will win the clothes they picked out. How amazing is that? Here’s my outfit:

Please click the picture and «like» it on Facebook! The outfit with the most likes will win!!

I got a package today and inside were these two! Aren’t they pretty?

The green/blue is called Across the Universe and the purple one is called Bad Romance.

Love my little collection!

On a not so cheerful day these put a smile on my face! Can’t wait to try them on :-)

Pictures: WeHeartIt.com

I love looking through pictures at WeHeartIt. So inspiring!

Top, shorts & necklace Gina Tricot cardigan Vero Moda shoes Bianco.

Yay, it’s Saturday! I got home from work at 6AM, and slept until 1. Thank God I didn’t have any plans before 3:30, when I met up with one of my besties to buy a present for a friend of ours. She bought an apartment with her boyfriend and they moved in this summer, so they’re having a housewarming party next week. Can’t wait!

Today my dad actually took my outfit pictures. Taking the pictures myself takes soooo long, but for some reason I think it’s quite embarassing to tell my parents about my blog haha. Don’t know why. Well, now they know and instead of spending 20 minutes to take okay outfit pictures, I asked my dad and it took about.. 2 minutes. Okay, I’m rambling.

How are you spending your evening? My plan is to stay in, read Costume and watch the new episodes of Gossip Girl online <3 Oh, and another thing: This is my 200th blog post!

Okay, so next month it’s time for the annual Christmas party at work, and I can’t wait! The only problem is I can’t decide on the dress. Last year I bought a dress from the Lanvin for H&M collection, and my mom keeps telling me that I have to wear it (she loves that dress), but Asos has all these pretty dresses and I want them all. Yes, problem.

What do you think? Lanvin for H&M or new Asos dress? And if so, which one should I buy?

Top & scarf Acne shorts H&M jacket Charlotte Russe shoes Bianco.

Please ignore my puffy eyes, I’ve had two hours of sleep.. Well, hi ladies! I thought I would take outfit pictures outside today for once, and my plan was to ask my dad for help, but of course he wasn’t home at the time so they didn’t exactly turn out the way I had hoped. I was also getting that «What the hell are you doing?»-look from my neighbour. Aaaand my scarf looks really weird. Sorry ’bout that.

I hope everyone’s having a good day, and I’ll talk to you later! See, I’m trying to figure out if I should buy a new dress or not for the Christmas party we’re having next month at work. My mom has kind of decided that I HAVE to wear this Lanvin for H&M dress I have haha, but I really want a new dress..

Skirt H&M cardigan Vero Moda t-shirt Charlotte Russe rings Kenneth Jay Lane & Claire’s.

ASOS Full Circle faux fur bomber jacket