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Arkiv for oktober 2011

Pictures: WeHeartIt.com

Lita Spike! I can’t wait for them to arrive <3

This is how I’ve spent my day. Okay, not quite, but I did spend about an hour reading in my chemistry book. Good girl! In my second year of high school I had all of these subjects (physics, chemistry and math), and let’s just say I sucked at all of them, but a couple of weeks ago I decided to rent these books again and see if I did better. No bad teachers, no pressure, just me and the books. I actually find these subjects interesting, but the pressure got to me and I just gave up. So unlike me! No matter how hard I tried and how much I studied I got bad grades. So now I’m trying again (no exams or anything, I’m just studying on my own), and hopefully I’ll do better! :-)

Assad Mounser necklace, Erdem shirt, Acne leather pants, Jimmy Choo shoes, Anya Hindmarch clutch and Karl Donoghue vest.

Definitely one of the prettiest things I own. I’m looking forward to wearing it more now that the weather is chillier.

Please help me figure out the whole Lita shoe problem! I seriously can’t decide on style/color. Hope everyone’s having a nice Sunday!

Gina Tricot 129,-

I found this amazing necklace at Gina Tricot on Friday and I just had to get it! A statement piece can really make an outfit. Are you wearing a white t-shirt and boyfriend jeans? Add a blazer, high heels and an amazing necklace and you’re ready to go out!  Here are some other necklaces I really like.

Dannijo, Lulu Frost, Erickson Beamon, Lulu Frost, Marni, Assad Mounser, YSL.

But here’s my absolute favorite!


Hi sweeties! Family photos – so awkward, haha. I feel so weird in front of a camera, and I just never know what to do with my arms, where to look, how to smile. Hopefully they got some good pictures anyway. My brother is supposed to email them, so I’ll try to post a picture or two some other time. Sounds good? :-)

By the way, I just wanted to let you now that I’ve had some trouble with the comment form for more than a week now aparently, so I haven’t been getting any of your comments. Don’t know what happened, but now it seems to be fixed. I had no idea until I got an email from a reader, so THANK YOU! :-D I have to admit, I thought you had started to hate me or something when I didn’t get one single comment on my last 8 blog posts. Sorry!

Gotta run! Time for family pictures.

Gina Tricot, 99,-

Reminds me of a Wildfox t-shirt.

Photo: justaholic.com.

Just had to post this picture of these shoes, you know, because I’m kinda hoping you’ll tell me to get them haha :-D

I need your help to pick out the perfect pair. I’ve wanted a pair of Litas for a while,  but they’re all so pretty so I never decided on a color. I thought I wanted the silver glitter pair. Just look at them, they’re AMAZING! But then I thought, «How often will you wear a pair of silver shoes?». The studded ones are just so badass, and I’ve already thought of outfits to go with them. The other black pair I just love because they’re furry, but I also like the navy ones.. simply because I love the color. Please help!