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A little video from my Florida vacation!

This picture is from the day we drove out to Tybee Island. So beautiful! That was such a perfect day.

I bought this necklace in a shop on Tybee Island for like $5. Love it!

Kjøpte denne av en gatemusikant i Miami.

This is what I got at Solstice – Ray-Ban Aviators! Love them :D

Thursday was our last day in Miami to do whatever we wanted, and the day turned out to be pretty darn perfect!

Started the day at the beach. The weather was PERFECT and the water was clear and so warm! It was my last opportunity to work on my tan so I/we stayed there for four hours. I used to like Fort Lauderdale so much better than Miami, but I’ve changed my mind. Miami has it all – beautiful beach, good shopping and nice restaurants. And South Beach is the best place to stay ’cause you have everything you need within walking distance.

Dress Voice of Europe shoes Aldo clutch H&M watch Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Around 7 we went out for dinner. Our destination; Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road is a great place for shopping and you find stores like All Saints, Victoria’s Secret, Madewell etc., but also has a lot of restaurants. We had dinner at a place called Nexxt. They had so much to choose from, but I decided on the orange chicken (YUM!). Little did I know that I was going to get enough food for ten people! The guys sitting at the table next to ours probably thought I hadn’t eaten in days, haha.

I couldn’t stop laughing, haha. And I couldn’t even finish half of it.

On our way to Lincoln Road we walked by Miami Ink again (I’m not stalking them, I promise) and look who was standing outside the shop:

Yoji and Darren! :D I was so happy even though I felt like an idiot for asking if I could take a picture with them. I have to tell you, I don’t deal with this whole meeting celebs thing very well. Last year I met Kelly Cutrone outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and my voice started shaking and my legs felt like jelly. The same thing happened today when I met Yoji and Darren. I’m such a dork.

Anyway, after dinner I had a mission; to find Solstice, the store where I bought my Persol sunglasses. When I bought them I also got a $50 gift certificate for free and I wanted to use it (duh). You know how I said that I did my last shopping the other day on Victoria’s Secret? Well, I lied. I’ll show you what I got later. In the meantime you can guess! Haha :D

Doesn’t sound so bad, huh? Well, it kinda sucks when you’re stuck at Heathrow. We had some trouble with British Airways and all the passengers who had Oslo as their final destination missed their flight from London to Oslo. I was SO angry, you should’ve seen my face. I have plans for tonight with my friends and I’ve been looking forward to tonight for more than a week, and now I have to cancel the whole thing. Great! And even better, there were no other flights to Oslo today. No free seats anywhere. Yesterday was so great, something bad was destined to happen today. Our only option is to get on a flight to Bergen in a couple of hours and then catch the next flight from Bergen to Oslo tonight.

I did meet Tommy from X-Factor at the airport, though. You know, that cute guy with the guitar? I think he was on the same plane as I was from Miami to London, so he also missed his flight. This is just a great day, isn’t it?

Topp H&M shorts Levi’s kimono/jakke Cotton On klokke Marc by Marc Jacobs sko Minnetonka veske A. Wang (syns ikke på bildet).

Yesterday we walked by Miami Ink/Love Hate Tattoos. It’s on 1360 Washington Avenue. We live on 11th & Ocean and we just walked up 14th Street to Washington Avenue and there it was! Amazing :D I LOVE that show so I was really excited to see Chris Garver outside the shop. Unfortunately I didn’t get to talk to him or anything :( I did go inside to look at the t-shirts and stuff they were selling (or pretending to, hoping to talk to Chris Garver), but he was nowhere to be seen. Oh well, atleast I got to take a picture outside the shop.

Hey guys! Now I’m in Miami :) We’re staying at Congress Hotel South Beach and the hotel is really nice. I have a few pictures to show you, but I haven’t uploaded them to the computer yet. We left the hotel in Orlando around 10AM. I was so happy to leave because I HATED that hotel, haha. I had to sleep on a sofabed, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing so, but that couch was disgusting. It was old, sloppy, awful-looking and made out of green leather – YUCK. I refused to sit on it, and I actually sat in the kitchen instead. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is the Congress is a great hotel. It’s on Ocean Drive so we’re practically living on the beach :D Yay!

So how was my day? Well, first I spent three hours in a car, then had lunch at Denny’s and then we had to spend two hours at a mall (what a shame, huh? :D) because we couldn’t check in at the hotel before 4PM. The mall we went to was called Bal Harbour Shops and you should’ve seen the smile on my face. Designer stores everywhere :D Chanel, Miu Miu, Céline, Chloé.. aww. My mom and dad hated it, but I was in heaven! Oh my God, I have to tell you! I got to try the bow satchel at Miu Miu and the sweet girl who worked there wanted to show me all the different colors they had, and she just opened this secret door (it looked like a wall, but it was really a door) and behind that door was a room filled with bags! I thought I was going to faint. All I could say was «Wow, I wish that was my closet..». I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many beautiful bags in one day. One this is for sure – that bag is going on my shoppinglist for NY. I’m leaving in like.. 7 months,and I already have a long shoppinglist.

Is this post boring? Sorry, I just have a lot of things on my mind, and I mean, I’ve been on vacation with my parents for three weeks and they’re not THAT fun to talk to (sorry!). It’s still sad to think about that I’m leaving in only two days. Today I did my last shopping; new Nike running shoes and sweats from Victoria’s Secret PINK. I realized a couple of days ago that I needed that for the plane ride home (sweats I mean). I can’t stand travelling in jeans, especially on a nine hour flight. Comfort is key! We leave on Friday afternoon, but won’t be home untill Saturday afternoon, and then I’m going out with my friends :D Can’t wait, but something tells me I’ll be tired on Sunday. Great thing I’m going to work then!.. Oh my, what have I done?

I don’t know if I’ll have much time for the blog for the next few weeks. I’ll update tomorrow of course, but like I said I start work on Sunday at 2PM, and for the next two weeks I’ll be working everyday from 2-10 PM. That means not a lot of free time (and nothing to blog about either). I have to work a lot this summer to save up money for my trip to New York, so I’m working for 4 weeks. Haha, you’re probably thinking «You think 4 weeks is a lot?!», but for me it is. This is my first real summer job I guess, ’cause I didn’t get to work a lot at Vero Moda last year. Hopefully I get a lot of hours this fall so I can save up a lot of money for my trip. This is the first time in 13 years I’m not going to school so that’s gonna be interesting..

Wow, that was a long blog post. Not going to bore you guys any longer, haha. Tell me – how are you spending your summer vacation and are you going to school this fall? :) If so, what are you studying?